On being a Unit Masters Study Group Lead.

What is the Unit Masters Program?

Who can become a Study Group Lead?

The most important things a Study Group Lead needs are:

  • A time slot for six weeks that they can host meetings.

What does a Study Group Lead do?

Naomi’s study group invitation
  • Careers in Web 3 — was a topic that Olga covered in her study group in addition to talking about the modules of the Unit Masters program.
  • NFTs, Art in the context of Web3 — for artist Cybele, this was a natural choice as a Study Group Lead and enabled her to bring in her experience.

What’s it like to be a Study Group Lead?

Of course, for any prospective Study Group Lead, this might be one of the biggest questions. So let’s go through challenges, successes, and any practical tips.

Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest challenges is keeping members engaged, as Olga notes, who found that providing weekly summaries of the topics that were covered helped address it to a degree. Cybele had similar challenges with getting all her members to engage in conversations.

Biggest Wins

Eric’s biggest win was completing the Unit Masters Cohort 10, having completed all the modules, minted certifications, and now feeling ready to start working on a business involving blockchain.


Every Study Group Lead has a slightly different motivation. For Olga, it was seeking a challenge and the opportunity to expand knowledge through preparation and leading groups.


  • Have some questions ready for each session to kickstart conversations (Eric)
  • When in doubt, just do it (Olga)
  • Share what you know (Cybele)
  • Plan ahead, come prepared, and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance when you’re unsure in the broader Unit Masters groups. (Olga)
  • Have fun with it, and go with the flow. (Naomi)

The Study Group Leads contributing Input to this Article

Eric O. Esievo




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